Less than a year after it reopened its doors, a plasma television and several computers were stolen from the William Monroe Trotter Multicultural Center June 4.

Angela Cesere
The William Monore Trotter Multicultural Center reopened last September after undergoing renovations, which included electrical and plumbing upgrades and the addition of new electronic equipment. (AARON SWICK/Daily)

The total value of the items is estimated at $3,000, said Diane Brown, spokeswoman for the Department of Public Safety.

The center on Washtenaw Road, houses space for the Multi-Ethnic Student Affairs as well as many other student multicultgroups. Students frequently use the center for meetings and events.

DPS is currently investigating the break-in, including how the thieves entered the building.

DPS Lieutenant Melissa Overton said the entry does not appear to be forced, and a door was found propped open on the second floor.

It is still unclear how the thieves gained access to the building, Overton said.

The television and computers were a part of electronic upgrades added last fall after the building underwent extensive renovations.

The center unveiled the improvements, which were largely structural, in a reopening festival last September.

The University allocated $1 million to complete the renovations.

The improvements included upgrading the building’s electrical and plumbing systems and adding more office space and bathrooms.

MSA President Nicole Stallings said the robbery will not change the increased accessibility that the structural improvements allowed.

“The electronic equipment was a plus, but it was not a defining feature of the facility,” Stallings said. “It will still be a really good place for students to go.”

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