If you want to be done with it
(Which I’m sure you do)
My advice is surgery;

Split it open once and for all
Never to be broken again

Start with a small tear in the skin
Digging in your fingers
Pry it wider
To let the ruby insides

A soft petal of flesh
Should be left at the edges
A fringe like red lace
Around the valentine heart

(That’s how you’ll know you did it right)

When the gash is complete
Mix around the insides
And pull at all the strings

(There should be no whole left
Only a thick thready pulp)

Yes, the procedure will be painful
And yes, it might leave scars
But it is better to be sure
Than sorry later on

If you want the real pain
(Not the surface ache)
Dead and done

This table should be covered in blood
By the time we’re through

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