Jan. 5, 2000

Paul Wong
David Terrell”s favorite Michigan athlete is Anthony Carter, who also wore the No. 1 jersey for the Wolverines.<br><br>FILE PHOTO

MIAMI The chants started before he even got his trophy. Waiting to get his Orange Bowl most valuable player trophy after Saturday night”s 35-34 Michigan victory, sophomore wide receiver David Terrell and the rest of the national TV audience heard it too.

Ebullient chants of “Heis-man Tro-phy!” rose from Michigan”s student section, letting the country in on something fans have noticed all year: Dave Terrell is a fast rising star in this game, and the Wolverines” fortunes next season seem to be closely tied to his own.

Terrell will not argue with this sentiment. Showered and smiling after his three-touchdown evening on Saturday, Terrell at first tried to duck questions about his thoughts, but actually, he was just tying his shoe. Bent double, he equivocated.

But standing up in the halogen glare of a TV camera, he came out and said it: He intends to come back to the Orange Bowl next year, with the Heisman Trophy in tow, and help the Wolverines win their second national title in four years.

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