Imagine taking a regular course load, and then adding four hours
of extra class every day to it. For the three freshmen on the
Michigan women’s tennis team, this is how they started their
college experiences. While many freshmen are worrying about what
party to attend next, or what time “Real World” is on, freshmen
Lindsey Goldstein, Kara Delicata and Liz Exon are busy practicing
the sport they love.

A typical day for the three of them begins with early morning

“Once I leave in the morning, I’m gone all day until I get back
from practice anywhere from 6 or 7 p.m.,” Goldstein said.

All of them have class right up until their daily practice at
2:30 p.m. This makes even simple tasks such as eating

“We just try to find food when we can,” Exon said.

One of the ways they have “found” food is by going out to eat
with each other. This has also helped them come together. As much
as that has helped team unity, just practicing with each other has
helped even more.

Although it has been a major adjustment for all three freshmen,
they say that their sport actually helped them adjust.

In college, it is just a continuation of an ongoing process for
them. In high school, they were already traveling and going to
tournaments constantly. The places have just changed. However, all
three said that it is more fun in college.

“It is not hard to adjust when you’re having fun with such a
close-knit group. I think that I was nervous the first day, but
after that it was a fast adjustment,” Goldstein said.

Not everything is an easy adjustment.

“College is very competitive, not just on the court. The
academics have been demanding also,” Delicata said.

But she is not complaining. She knows that she has an
opportunity that few others could receive, and she considers
herself very lucky to be in the position that she is.

“I’m getting a lot of opportunities that others cannot,” she

One of the unique opportunities they have is playing each other
in tournaments-unusual for a team sport. The chance of playing a
fellow Wolverine is slim, but it is still an exciting thought for
the freshmen. Although it can be a little awkward, they just try to
make it seem like practice. All three will be participating in the
Midwest Regional Championships in Kalamazoo this weekend. This is
the largest individual fall tournament in the Midwest. Although the
main goal for them is to perform well, all three want to win the
matches they should.

Although they may be freshmen, they have the mentality of
upperclassmen. With the initial adjustment to Division I athletics
ending, they all are poised to have breakthough seasons.




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