This is the greatest and best album in the world.

Paul Wong
Jason Alexander as “”Bob Patterson.””<br><br>Courtesy of ABC

Once every 10 years or so (when the sun does shine and the moon does glow), a band of this magnitude comes along to rock your socks off beyond repair. That last band was Nirvana, a trio of angst-ridden gentleman from the Pacific Northwest who tainted rock forever.

This is not the Nirvana you grew up with. Dave Grohl is back on drums, but the emaciated Chris Novoselic and comatose Kurt Cobain have been justly replaced by the svelte duo of Jack Black and Kyle Gass. Who? Tenacious D, that”s who.

Jack Black (Wasteland scrap in “Demolition Man”) and Kyle Gass (Bar dude in “Saving Silverman”) team up to form the most prominent duo since Tango and Cash. Armed with acoustic guitars and excess lard, the boys rock their way across 21 tracks of comedic bliss. Highlights include the ambitious ballad “Fuck Her Gently” and the Tony Iommi-esque “Double Team.” Many of the songs harken back to the days of their short-lived HBO skits. Tenacious D encapsulated the hard rock of the “70s with their infectious sense of humor with such perfection they can legitimately call themselves “the greatest band in the world.”

Producers Michael Simpson and John King, you kids know them as the “Dust Brothers” (Beck”s Odelay, Beastie Boys” Paul”s Boutique) have crafted another masterpiece. Also along for the ride are Page McConell from the biodegradable group Phish and Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters, a longtime supporter of “The D.” The all-star supporting cast provides that extra juice needed for JB and KG to reach the highest plateau of rock and roll.

Despite the devastating intellect of the record, some ears are just not ready for “The D.” Earning its parental advisory sticker with its elegant profanity and sexual imagery, the album should be kept far away from the prying ears of children and small animals. The album cover generated instant controversy with the governing demonic figure and implied satanic ritual, resulting in a swift recall. Good luck finding it at your local record store.

With their debut album, Tenacious D created a monster that will sonically destroy you. An album of this caliber only comes along once in a lifetime or at least until “The D” put out their next album.

“We only came to kick some ass,” states Jack on the album. They certainly did.

Grade: A

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