Tonight, Tenacious D rocked the State Theatre in Detroit. Acoustic comic-rock duo Jack Black and Kyle Gass dropped trau and kicked ass in the crowd-pleasing show they have yet to play. The much anticipated show is to promote the release and subsequent recall of their eponymous debut.

Paul Wong
The D searches for inspiration.<br><br>Courtesy of Epic

The “greatest and best song” of the evening was clearly “Tribute,” the song that made The D the media whoremongers that they will be tonight. Other songs may have included “Fuck Her Gently,” (a serene acoustic ballad for the ladies but fellas, you better listen too!) “Karate,” (a song nearly as dangerous as a Daniel LaRusso “Crane” kick) and “Kyle Quit the Band” (don”t worry kids, the song is of his triumphant return).

The D first gained notoriety through their short-lived HBO miniseries, which featured the boys busting funnies (and their much-maligned belts) for six action-packed episodes.

Another highlight of tonight”s show was their brilliant telling (through song) of the life of a little guy named “Wonderboy.” This is also the band”s first single, which can be seen in a Spike Jones” directed clip, should resurrect them from the mucky-muck of the underground music scene. The performance of the song this evening was probably the most rousing part of the show.

The D refused to speak with The Daily after tonight”s concert, and who were we kidding, we (weren”t) aren”t worthy. Despite the snub, we couldn”t have been happier with the concert which has not yet taken place. See you there tonight.

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