Two days before the polls are set to open for Central Student Government elections, The Team bared the cold Monday evening to spread the word about their platform goals and rally voters. The Team will run LSA junior Will Royster as the party’s presidential candidate and LSA sophomore Matt Fidel for vice president.

Campaign supporters handed out flyers and offered cookies, Domino’s pizza and Tim Horton’s coffee and hot chocolate to passersby in the Diag.

“We’re showing campus a good time,” Fidel said. “Everybody’s walking through the Diag, it’s free to join in, just kind of see what The Team’s all about.”

Aside from a DJ’s table in front of the Hatcher Graduate Library, the Black Student Union, the Cool Club — a University clothing startup — and University fashion groups NOiR and Bronze Elegance also set up tables to promote their respective organizations.

“This is a great platform for us to get our message out, but to also support other student organizations, and that’s what we want to be here for,” Royster said. “We asked other organizations to be a part of this so that they can get their message out as well. That’s a big part of our platform and it’s successful.”

Royster said having the organizations there showed that even though The Team has yet to be elected, the party still cares about advancing their platform on campus.

“Authenticity: that’s been our campaign strategy,” Royster said. “Just at this rally we talked about creating a platform and empowering people, but we’re not waiting until we get elected; we’re doing that now, and that’s something that we have a track record of.”

Music played throughout the rally, and campaign members and students danced between speeches and discussions about The Team’s policies. The rally also featured performances by University dance groups Arabian Dance Ensemble and The Movement Dance Team.

Halfway through the rally, each candidate shared the first action they would take after being elected. Both members of The Team said they planned to throw a party. Second, Royster said the plan is to implement the goals the party is promoting.

Fidel said he would also work toward carryout out his plan to allow students to donate their leftover Blue Bucks at the end of the semester to a local food pantry.

Throughout the duration of the event, students were encouraged to tweet The Team questions using the hashtag #RallyTheTeam.

Royster said he chose to run for Central Student Government to bring change, specifically to increase diversity on the University’s campus. Fidel said he decided to run to represent the students, pointing to members in the crowd and students walking by in the Diag to emphasize the point that he was running for everyone.

Make Michigan and the Defend Affirmative Action parties are also running candidates in this week’s election.

CSG election polls are open Wednesday and Thursday. Students can vote at

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