Captains are the leaders of the team. They set examples with
their attitude, work ethic and play. In that respect, Michigan
field hockey tri-captains April Fronzoni, Kristi Gannon, and
Stephanie Johnson are more than qualified to hold their

Mira Levitan
Michigan field hockey captain April Fronzoni is looking to lead her team to another national championship. (FILE PHOTO)

In terms of production on the field, the three captains have
some of the most successful careers in Michigan field hockey

Fronzoni was recently named Co-Offensive Player of the Week by
the Big Ten for her six goal outburst in the Wolverines’ last three

Gannon was selected to the All-Big Ten first team for the third
consecutive season in 2002, becoming the first Wolverine to ever
accomplish that feat.

Johnson has a chance to defend her Big Ten Defensive Player of
the Year title, an award only one other player in Michigan history
has captured.

But the attitude of the three captains is also vital to the
success of the team. To them, personal accomplishments are not the
main concern.

Johnson’s goals are selfless:

“Staying together as a team and being able to handle adversity
with poise and confidence.”

Gannon’s goals also depend completely on the success of the

“We’re looking to win the Big Ten regular season title first,
and then from there hopefully the tournament, and then we always
have the long- term goal of winning the national championship,”
Gannon said.

Fronzoni, Gannon and Johnson are aware of the responsibilities
of being captain, and they acknowledged that playing different
roles on the team in their first few seasons has helped prepare
them for this year. The experience has taught them about which
roles they need to fill as captains, and what roles should be
filled by other members of the team.

“I try to set a high tempo and a high tone for the team,” Gannon

Johnson credits her coaches for helping to mold her into the
leader she is today.

“The coaches have all been very valuable assets as far as
leadership is concerned,” she said.

All three seniors are trying to make the most out of their last
year at Michigan.

Gannon admitted that there was a different feel to this

“Every time you’re on the field or out with the team, you
appreciate it a lot more, and you realize how special it is to play
here,” Gannon said.





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