With blonde hair and bright blue eyes, Taylor Louderman looks like your stereotypical high school cheerleader, but she hadn’t ever cheered until she landed a starring role in Bring It On: The Musical.

Louderman is currently taking a sabbatical from the University to tour the country as Campbell, the lead role in Bring It On. To get the part, Louderman went through a series of intense auditions at the University and then in New York. She even nabbed the part while battling bronchitis.

“I was back in time for school the next day,” Louderman said.

Louderman traded in her backpack for a suitcase and embarked on a 13-city tour. She plays Campbell, an uppity rich girl who transfers to an inner city school and is forced to compete against her old high school in a cheerleading competition.

“It’s insanely different,” Louderman said. “It’s not based on any one movie but takes elements from each.”

Louderman said she thoroughly enjoys her time on stage.

“I love work with a creative team on the production of the show,” Louderman said.

The big cities are a change for this small town girl. Growing up outside of St. Louis had a large impact on Louderman’s work ethic, she said.

“I had to drive an hour to get to rehearsals,” Louderman said. “It taught me how hard you have to work.”

It’s that same drive that got her into the University’s prestigious School of Music, Theatre & Dance, a place she said is defined by its instructors.

“The professors really make the school,” Louderman said.

Louderman will return to the University next year and is excited to come back to campus. While she misses the football games, the buses and just being in school, she said the atmosphere was the hardest thing to leave.

“I miss the family environment,” Louderman said.

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