Best Coffee: Cava Java Definitely the widest selection of coffees, and a host of exotic cold drinks to satisfy your taste buds. The service is the friendliest of any coffee shop in town they know how to make an excellent drink, and their prices are reasonable. And since it”s a popular study hangout, you”re bound to find at least five people you know there.

Paul Wong
Mr. Greek”s Coney Island on State Street won for best Greek food.<br><br>BRENDAN O”DONNELL/Daily

Best Ice Cream/Yogurt: Stucchi”s With at least three locations within walking distance of campus, Stucchis is definitely the king of desserts. They have a great selection of both ice cream and frozen yogurt, and you can get regular lunch food there, too. For particularly great frozen yogurt, try the key lime pie flavor.

Best Bagels: Einstein Bagels They”re busy at odd times of the day (like 3 or 4 p.m.), and this is a testament both to their fresh, delicious bagels and wide selection of lunch food, including turkey sandwiches and Caesar salads. The potato bagel is out of this world, and with their speedy service, Einstein is definitely the best place to eat if you”re short on time.

Best Burgers: Blimpy Burgers Sure their burgers are greasy, but that”s why they”re good. For a quick, cheap bite, Blimpy Burgers is definitely a cut above those fast food empires.

Best Hot Dogs: Red Hot Lovers With Taco Bell no longer around, Red Hot Lovers is definitely the most exciting thing on East University. It”s a fun place to go if you want a tasty hot dog, and you can get poppyseeds on the bun.

Best Wings: Mr. Spots They”ve got a great variety of wings, the hot ones are the best, but the other flavors are excellent as well. Plus, they deliver, so if the trip to State and Packard is a bit far, you can enjoy them at home.

Best Salads: Pizza House Unbelievable selection of salads. The ingredients are fresh and they have a wide variety of dressings. The Penne Pasta salad and the grilled chicken Caesar salad are particularly good.

Best Chipatis: Pizza House An interesting concoction on its own, Pizza House has mastered the Chipati with unbelievable bread and fresh fillings. The “Chipopeye” has a mighty helping of spinach, and most of the sandwiches have grated mozzarella.

Best Pizza: Cottage Inn Yup, it”s that ultra-cheap pizza you had at summer orientation. Despite their low prices, Cottage Inn has not only the best tomato sauce in town, but the widest selection of crusts. You”ll need some mints after sampling the garlic crust, but it”s definitely worth a taste.

Best Subs: Jimmy John”s Jimmy John”s really means it when they say their bread is fresh. You can go in for “free smells,” but you”ll probably want to actually eat one of their fantastic subs, which are particularly good for a late-night snack.

Best Deli: Amer”s With three locations in the campus area, Amer”s is a great place to go for a giant sandwich. They not only have about 100 different sandwiches, but also a host of vegetarian dishes and warm beverages. And of course, there”s no greater thrill to hear your name shouted across the restaurant when your order is complete.

Best Take Out and Late Night Munchies: Pizza House It”s 2 a.m., you”re drunk and you”re hungry, where do you go for some great food? Pizza House, of course. If you live outside a dorm, you”re bound to have at least ten of their menus, so give Pizza House a call for a good meal.

Best Cheap Beer: Rick”s There”s some pretty decent bands there, and beer at some embarrassingly low prices. Their super-close location on Church street is also an added bonus.

Best Microbrew: Ann Arbor Brewing Company Aside from their darts and shuffleboard, Ann Arbor Brewing Co. serves up all kinds of beer, including stout, light and dark. Better go early to get a table.

Best Bar Drinks: Good Time Charley”s With nightly drink specials, including a margarita night, and affordable prices, Charley”s is definitely the premiere bar on South University.

Best Happy Hour: Good Time Charley”s A great place to go after work or a hectic day at classes. There”s plenty of space and its easy to get big groups in there. The excellent bar food adds to the happy hour experience.

Best Sports Bar: Scorekeeper”s Though its often ridiculously packed with people, they also have ridiculously cheap drink specials, especially on their beers and Long Island iced teas. There”s lots of TVs to watch sports games on, including two big screen televisions.

Best Overall Bar: Rick”s Though it”s often very loud, it”s a great place to check out bands and get inexpensive drinks.

Best Italian Food: Palio”s With reasonable prices, fresh warm bread and a wide selection of entrees, Palio”s is definitely the source for quality Tuscan cuisine. They have the largest Chianti wine list in Ann Arbor, and you can sit on the rooftop to dine.

Best Indian Food: Raja Rani A very affordable, authentic Northern Indian restaurant with a nice lunch buffet. Their bread is very fresh, and for those who like spicy flavoring, this is a fantastic place to go to for curry.

Best Mid-Eastern Food: Jerusalem Garden Located on Fifth Avenue, Jerusalem Garden has the best food and best value of any mid-eastern restaurant in town. Their falafel is famous, but any of their dishes are great.

Best Chinese Food: China Gate It”s no surprise that Chef Jan has won so many awards the food really is amazing. Their sesame chicken is a favorite among many, and with reasonable prices and fast service, China Gate is a great stop for a quick meal.

Best Korean Food: Steve”s Lunch Don”t be fooled by the small size of the restaurant: They have large portions, a variety of homemade sauces and very reasonable prices.

Best Mexican Food: Tio”s If you want affordable Mexican food, Tio”s is definitely the place to go. They have over 100 different hot sauces for purchasing, and their nachos and burritos are quite good. Plus, they”re open until 1 a.m., so it”s a good place for a late night meal.

Best BBQ: Mongolian BBQ You might wait two hours for a table, but its definitely worth the wait. Picking the right sauce is definitely an art form, and with the right combination of meat, vegetables and seasoning, you definitely have the best BBQ experience in town.

Best Greek Food: Mr. Greek”s Coney Island In addition to your standard greek salads and grilled cheese, Mr. Greek”s has a variety of traditional Greek dishes as well as some tasty sandwiches, such as the chicken Caesar sandwich and chicken finger pita. They also have reasonable prices and fast, friendly service.

Best Vegetarian Food: Seva A very interesting, offbeat sort of place with a bigger menu than you”d expect. They have some tasty lunch specials and a great selection of pastas and breakfast foods.

Best Outdoor Eatery: Dominick”s Though their food and Michigan beer selection is good, the outdoor environment sets this place apart. Situated nicely in the business/law school area, this is a popular grad student hangout with plenty of outdoor seating.

Best Greasy Spoon: Fleetwood Diner Located on S. Ashley, Fleetwood is a great little diner with a gigantic menu. Their breakfast food selection is particularly good, including specials such as the “Meaty Hippie Breakfast.”

Best Place for Folks to Treat: Gandy Dancer Mucho expensivo, but definitely some tasty fish, lobste, and steak for you and the parentals to gorge on. The atmosphere is quite nice, and people applaud when a train goes by. It doesn”t get any better than this.

Best Restaurant Service: Gratzi Either the waitstaff has all been to charm school, or they”re just naturally friendly. Usually fine restaurants like this one have absurd waits or slow service, but Gratzi has neither. Definitely an all-around great dining experience.

Best Breakfast: Angelo”s You can probably circle the globe four times before you get a table here, but it”s definitely worth the wait. Their waffles and omelets are particularly great, but you can also get any style of eggs. And if you live on the Hill, it”s the only restaurant within walking distance (aside from the fine, day-old cuisine of Mosher-Jordan hall, of course).

Best Lunch: Amer”s Amer”s is one of those places you think about when you”re in a boring lecture and you”re extremely hungry for lunch. Their sandwiches are huge and very tasty, and their selection of drinks rivals the coffee shops on State.

Best Dinner: Mongolian BBQ There are few places that are as much fun as Mongolian BBQ. You can design almost any sort of dish imaginable and wrap it in a warm pita. The atmosphere is very social and lively, and you get to watch your food being prepared.

Best Overall Restaurant: Pizza House Pizza House is the epitome of Ann Arbor dining. They have a huge menu, nice prices, delivery, carryout and they”re open almost any time of the day that it”s appropriate to eat pizza. An all-around great place to go for food.

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