The intersection of South Fifth Avenue and Liberty Street is the dining equivalent of a vegetarian’s wet dream; Seva offers a wide variety of typical American fare such as vegan-black-bean-style burgers while Jerusalem Garden produces the undeniably best falafel in the city. Tucked away, nestled between the falafel hot spot and a public parking lot, is another gem for the veggie-minded, Earthen Jar.

Angela Cesere
Earthen Jar allows customers to choose from more than 25 vegan dishes each day. (TOMMASO GOMEZ/Daily)
Angela Cesere
Ypsilanti resident Julie Herrmann enjoys a variety of Indian food at Earthen Jar on South Fifth Avenue. (TOMMASO GOMEZ/Daily)

India is the inspiration behind this quaint establishment, though Bob Marley posters adorn the walls and reggae wafts softly amidst the scent of curry.

Earthen Jar takes a unique approach to its contemporaries; patrons file through a cafeteria-style line, serving themselves from a series of five heated trays, offering over 25 dishes daily. The atmosphere is largely informal – as guests eat off of paper plates or carry-out in Styrofoam trays and eat with disposable silverware.

After choosing from a wide variety of vegetarian and vegan dishes, the sole worker and owner, Gurcheren Sethi, weighs the plate; all hot dishes are sold at a flat rate of $4.99 per pound. Patrons may also individually purchase samosas, nan (Indian flatbread), and various herbal teas and juices, all reasonably priced

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