TEDxUofM will once again allow students, faculty and staff to share knowledge at its fourth annual conference Friday.

The day-long lineup of 21 University-affiliated speakers at the Power Center is based on the theme Untapped_.

“Untapped_ basically means to look around and look inside yourself and see what stories need to be told,” Engineering junior Maria Young said. “It means to find your passion and your fire and then give it to as many people as possible.”

TEDxUofM is an independently organized spin-off of the popular series by non-profit Technology, Entertainment and Design, where scientists, designers, engineers and other scholars give 18-minute presentations on innovative ideas they have.

Though the event is already at its cap of 1,200 attendees, a live stream will be available at Hatcher Graduate Library, the Duderstadt Center and Hillel, as well as on the TEDxUofM website.

Young, a co-director of the event, said planning for the event started soon after the completion of the 2012 event, adding that the dynamic of the day itself has a lot to do with the team putting it together.

“TED U of M is interesting because people on the team take on as much responsibility as they’d like, so it becomes a lot more meaningful experience for everyone because they all want to do the work that they do,” Young said.

Young said the speakers will incorporate the theme in their lectures and it’s meant to “extend the spirit and the energy past one day.”

LSA senior Surya Nagaraja, also a co-director, said he believes TEDxUofM is popular with students because it fuels their desire for sharing stories and new ideas and is more interactive than learning from textbooks and exams.

“Michigan is such a progressive place and people want to experience things they never have before,” he said. “TED Talks are a great way to get outside your box and do that because the speakers are all so dynamic; you can’t help but have your mind blown.”

Nagaraja said TEDxUofM differs from the original TED Talks because it’s University-specific.

“If you go to the talks and there’s a professor that just really speaks to you, you can go meet them because they work here, and she walked the same halls as you; there’s no reason you couldn’t do what she does,” Nagaraja said.

Business senior Jeremy Klaben, a team leader for the conference, said the University event is unique because it’s a “collaboration of the Leaders and Best from across the University,” highlighting their passions.

“Basically we provide a stage and the speakers take it from there,” Klaben said.

Klaben said TEDxUofM, which is in its fourth year at the University, lends itself to the campus because of its interdisciplinary nature.

“It’s so different than anything that anyone will experience because as you listen, you reflect on things you haven’t thought of before, and you leave feeling really inspired and ready to do things.”

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