Name: The Brown Jug

Clif Reeder
Former defensive back Darnell Hood poses after taking back the Brown Jug with a 28-14 win at Minnesota last season. (FILE PHOTO)

The Brown Jug

Established: 1938

Location: 2014 S. University st.

Drinkability rating: Pretty high. A football player or two (or 10) have been known to show up at the watering hole on a Saturday night.

Urineability rating: Average. Sure, a trough filled with ice seems like a fine place to pee after you’ve knocked back a few, but have you ever done it sober? It’s a little too awkward for Daily Sports.

Favorite story: Insert your own. Bonus points if vomiting is included.

The Little Brown Jug

Name: The Little Brown Jug
Established: 1903
Location: Undisclosed. The actual jug disappeared from the Michigan trophy case in 1930 and wasn’t returned until an Ann Arbor gas station attendant found it behind a clump of bushes in 1934. Since then, the equipment manager for each team is responsible for closely guarding the real trophy while a replica sits in the trophy case.
Drinkability rating: Low. As Lloyd said when asked if he had ever drank anything out of it: “No. I don’t think I would want to do that.”
Urineability rating: None existent. We would never desecrate such a hallowed trophy.
Favorite story: We shouldn’t have to tell you this one. But if you want to hear a great rendition of the history, listen to Lloyd’s press conference from Monday. About as good as it gets.

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