Jeffrey Bloomer: If you’ve heard of Seva and live south of Huron Street, you probably know it as the resident vegetarian restaurant in Ann Arbor. Hippies, right? Located at 314 E. Liberty St. – actually really close to Central Campus – it’s quiet and casual dining with a menu of proven and unproven vegetarian meals (many things can be made vegan if they aren’t already). I was up to no good, so I decided to ask Paul, who’s sort of a meat-and-potatoes Hungry Jack type, to come with me for dinner.

Sarah Royce
Butternut squash, cream cheese, green onions, chiles, cumin and cinnamon in corn tortillas topped with spicy tomato sauce and cheese. $12.95. Yes. Now. (ANGELA CESERE/Daily)

Paul Tassi: You tried to trick me.

JB: I had honorable intentions. The few times I’ve eaten out with Paul, he orders things like a plain burger patty and whole milk or a plate with three orders of bacon. It freaks me out. I may be a vegetarian, but I brought you because this place really is good for everyone. They have a lot more than imitation meat – they even have a pretty good bar.

PT: Uh huh. Is this place vegetarian or vegan? Which is the crazy hippie one and which is the healthy one?

JB: I’m not sure what you –

PT: Hey! They have T-shirts! I’m going to get one to remember this, cause I will never ever be here again.

JB: Paul – whatever. Let’s order. I got a sandwich with too many peppers last time, so I think I’ll stick to pasta. Yes . goat-cheese ravioli. The waiter tried to make me get this last time. I don’t really have $15 for dinner, but you being in a vegetarian place is kind of a special occasion, right?

PT: What are these burgers made out of? Actually, don’t tell me. How are they allowed to have eggs here? Isn’t that like an aborted chicken?

JB: They just can. We can talk about the politics of conception later.

PT: Whatever, I’m getting eggs then. Oh, and French fries. Wait – are they real French fries or like soy French fries? They don’t have cabbage or something in them, do they?

JB: No, Paul, there’s no cabbage in the French fries.

PT: Fine. Good. Eggs and fries.

JB: Wait – you can’t eat here and just order eggs and French fries

PT: What why not?

JB: That’s like going to Gratzi and ordering plain noodles.

PT: Yeah I definitely have done that.

JB: (pause) I know you’re serious, too.

(Twenty minutes later.)

PT: How is taking them so long to scramble eggs?

JB: Actually, that’s the complaint of a lot of people who eat here. Seva has a reputation for pretty slow service. I’ve never noticed it, to be honest, but the atmosphere so leisurely and relaxed here that I don’t think I’d care.

PT: Yeah, they’re all in the kitchen doing Yoga and smoking peace pipes.

JB: Shut up, he’s bringing the food. This ravioli looks delicious, and are these . walnuts? I guess I missed that on the menu. That’s what I like here, though. The entrees are always a little strange – there are weird combinations – but I’m almost never disappointed. You can’t really get this stuff anywhere else in Ann Arbor.

Anyway, how are your . eggs?

PT: Yeah not bad. I’m still not coming here again, but I guess this place isn’t bad.

JB: I’m so glad. If you had ordered real food, I’m telling you would change your mind. This goat cheese is amazing. These walnuts – a little abrasive.

PT: Yo do you realize I’m about to pay $14 for eggs and French fries?

JB: And grapes.

PT: Yes, I’m sorry, I forgot about the grapes. That would’ve bought three bowls of mac and cheese at Noodles.

JB: We’ll go there next time.

PT: That place is like practically vegetarian. Except when I put steak on my spaghetti.

JB: You put steak on your spaghetti?

PT: Steak, good. Spaghetti, good. I don’t see the problem

JB: You’re the reason I’m a vegetarian.

Vegetarian Restaurant

Cheap Moderate Pricey

Specialties: Vegetarian cuisine

Located at: 314 E. Liberty St.

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