This Saturday, Maestro Arie Lipsky leads the Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra in a promising program commemorating Mozart”s Birthday. Featuring a variety of works, the focus of this concert is bifurcated: First on the works of the birthday Maestro second, on young talents who exhibit prodigal abilities akin to those associated with Mozart: Soprano Jacquelyn Wagner and University of Michigan composer Daniel Worley.

Miss Wagner, featured for “L”Amero, saro constante” from “Il Repastore”, K. 208 and “Ch”io mi scordi di te-Non temer,” K. 505, was the unanimous choice of the Mozart Youth Competition held last year in Ann Arbor. Of her abilities, Maestro Lipsky states: “Her voice is beautiful and pure and projects natural musicianship which is so essential when singing Mozart.” Named the most outstanding High School Vocalist in the state of Michigan, Miss Wagner was chosen over 18 other finalists to sing in this Saturday”s concert.

Also featured is composer Daniel Worley and his work “Beat . . .. ” Worley is one of the few composers who can transfer the power and sheer force of rock music into the concert hall with integrity and sincerity. This piece is an excellent example of his ability and is the perfect argument against those who feel that contemporary music can say nothing or is not worth listening to. The concert would still be worthwhile if it were nothing but this piece.

Yet, the program also contains two superb symphonies: Mozart”s Symphony No. 40 and Prokofiev”s Classical Symphony. Strong pieces if ever there were. To speak against them would be akin to blasphemy their prominence in orchestral repertoire is well deserved. (For those who are unfamiliar with Mozart No. 40, the first of Bernstein”s “Six Lectures from Harvard” provides an excellent overview of this piece”s brilliance.)

These works, infused with those featuring young talent of Mr. Worley and Miss Wagner, make this concert well worth attending. This is especially the case for those unfamiliar with classical music. All of the works are powerful yet accessible and the program”s variety will provide a good overview of differing musical languages.

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