It’s that time of year again. Four months a year, the
television networks pull out all the stops in an attempt to garner
higher ratings, and this year is no different. Along with season
premieres of such hits as “The Simpsons,”
“Arrested Development” and “The Amazing
Race,” new shows will debut and special events like a
“Seinfeld” reunion will take center stage. The Daily TV
staff takes a look at what to expect from these offerings:

TV/New Media Reviews
Where have you gone Jerry Seinfeld? A nation turns its lonely eyes to you … (Courtesy of NBC)



Nanny 911

Nov. 3 , FOX


In a show that could only be on FOX, incompetent American
parents call in a team of four British nannies to get their unruly
children under control. With expertise in everything from teaching
manners to stopping tantrums, the nannies set out to whip children
across America into shape. Just be glad it’s not Fran

My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss

Nov. 7, FOX

In FOX’s newest reality TV spoof, Ivy League students are
forced to deal with the ridiculous demands of a fake boss, all in
pursuit of a chance to join IOCOR, a fake, billion-dollar
corporation. Can they withstand the rigorous challenges? Is it
possible for FOX to sink any lower? The answer to both questions is

The Rebel Billionaire: Branson’s Quest for the

Nov. 9, FOX

“The Rebel Billionaire” is FOX’s very own
rich-man reality show. Their billionaire is Virgin mega-mogul
Richard Branson. He’ll take 16 contestants around the world
and, according to FOX’s website, “leave one on the
tarmac each week.” The final prize is $1 million and a job as
president of Virgin. Take that, Donald Trump.

I Hate My Job

Nov. 9, Spike TV

Spike TV’s newest reality show, “I Hate My
Job,” gives eight normal guys the chance to pursue their
dream job. How will they do it? They’ll use inspirational
words from perennial presidential failure Reverend Al Sharpton, of
course! Seriously, Sharpton, tell the truth: Is this just a ploy to
gain publicity for 2008?


Nov. 16, FOX

“House” is the story of one man’s struggle
against infectious disease. Yes, that’s right, contrary to
the expectations of every sane person this side of Mike Tyson,
House is the main character’s last name in FOX’s new
medical drama. Bolstered by a team of young physicians, House will
combat a variety of dangerous diseases in an attempt to save those
patients no one else could. Come on, “House.”
You’re risking a network’s life!

The Real Gilligan’s Island

Nov. 30, TBS

From the producer of “The Bachelor” and the creator
of the original “Gilligan’s Island,” real-life
versions of a skipper, a millionaire, a movie star and the rest
will have to cope with bizarre circumstances in order to work their
way off an island. The idea behind this ill-conceived reality show
is even worse than taking a three-hour tour aboard the S.S.

Project Runway

Dec. 1, Bravo

Bravo’s latest entry into the reality genre is
“Project Runway.” The show centers on the fashion world
as it puts 12 amateur designers through carefully tailored design
challenges, cutting a contestant each week. The winner gets a
fashion magazine spread and a chance to have their clothes sold in
stores. Heidi Klum will head the panel of judges, but so what
— Tyra could kick her ass any day.



Dallas Reunion: Return to Southfork

Nov. 7, CBS

Those Ewing yee-haws are back again. The stars of the hit
’80s soap-opera “Dallas,” including Larry Hagman
and Patrick Duffy, reunite for one night to talk about the old
days, eat some Texas cooking and figure out, once and for all, who
shot J.R.

$25 Million Dollar Hoax

Begins Nov. 8, NBC

A young woman tries to convince her family that she has won $25
million dollars in the lottery and that the money has turned her
into a self-absorbed shopaholic in NBC’s latest reality
stunt. Ed McMahon is featured as one of the people trying to help
this poor family believe that they now have a big fat obnoxious
daughter. Hopefully, he’ll bring lots of big paper
Publisher’s Clearing House checks.

Category 6: Day of Destruction

Begins Nov. 14, CBS

In a throwback to ’70s disaster movies, “Category
6” is virtually a who’s who of out-of-work actors as
Brian Dennehy, Thomas Gibson, Diane Weist and Randy Quaid star in
this CBS mini-series. The two biggest storms ever hit America at
the same time, causing damage across cities with well-known
skylines. It’s like “The Day After Tomorrow,”
only longer. Root for the storm.

American Idol Christmas Special

Nov. 24, FOX

Just in time for the holidays, this FOX special showcases the
winners from the first three seasons of “American
Idol.” Kelly Clarkson, Ruben Studdard and Fantasia Barrino
each take a break from obscurity to promote their new albums and
sing a few Christmas songs. It may be worth watching if Simon
Cowell sings “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus.”

The Seinfeld Story

Nov. 25, NBC

The stars of that great show about nothing,
“Seinfeld,” come back on Thanksgiving night. This
one-hour special looks back at the series’s early history and
has interviews with Jason Alexander, Michael Richards and Julia
Louis-Dreyfus. See if the cast is still the masters of its


— Compiled by the Daily TV Staff

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