I was especially excited to review this CD, since my expectations for it were so low, and God knows it”s a lot more fun to write bad reviews than good ones. I must confess, however, to my secret, sinking feeling that I was actually going to like this soundtrack. Indeed, the part of me that enjoys watching “Martha Stewart Living” while eating bon-bons and handcrafting individualized macram potholders really liked this CD a lot. Luckily, I keep that side of myself repressed, so I was able to move on and give this CD the thorough bashing that it deserved.

Paul Wong
Chris Rock is kinda curious as to why producers only let him play a comedian and not anything else.<br><br>Courtesy of Paramount

The Good: “Rock DJ” by Robbie Williams was on this soundtrack, can you believe it? Does a twenty-something British man begin tearing chunks of his skin off and throwing them at people? Weird. “Off the Hook” by the Barenaked Ladies also made a surprise appearance, and I admit, I am disappointed that such fine musicians would lend their work to the freakin” “Sweet November” soundtrack. Some solid oldies by Bobby Darin and Jackie Wilson rounded out the four good reasons to listen to this CD.

The Mediocre: “Cellophane” by the raspy-voiced Amanda Ghost: A song about being wrapped in cellophane is it supposed to be kinky? Surprisingly, “shame” is not just a word that most aptly expresses the way that Keanu should feel about his acting, it is also a Duncan Sheik-ish tune by the little-heard of BT. A typically melodious and new-agey Enya song, a Paula Cole and Dolly Parton compilation and a Lenny Kravitz-mixed k.d. Lang tune finish off the mediocre songs on this soundtrack.

The Downright God-awful: Stevie Nicks whines her way through a song she wrote called “Touched by an Angel.” Some trick-ass hoes named Tegan & Sara sing “My Number.” Tracy Dawn whinnies and neighs through “You Deserve To Be Loved,” and Celeste Prince croons “Wherever You Are.” The last three songs mentioned here all sound exactly the same and therefore suck equally.

Grade: C

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