After a recent stop at Ann Arbor hot spot Necto, Randy Barry, of
“Real World: San Diego” fame, talked with The Michigan
Daily about his experiences on the show and how his life has

Janna Hutz
Courtesy of MTV

When asked why he wanted to be on MTV’s “The Real
World: San Diego,” cast member Randy said, “It was like
a contest you wanted to win.” The show, which follows around
seven strangers as they work and live together, is popular among
the college crowd, because of its relatable characters. He at first
was interested in trying out for a different reality show, but MTV
did not want to let the attractive, energetic and charming
24-year-old go, and he was soon called to be on the cast of
“The Real World.”

In the blink of an eye, Randy was starting his new life in
California with six new roommates. The challenge of always being
around these people was daunting, and when asked about all the
drama that usually erupts on “The Real World,” he
asserted that “I didn’t think I would be involved in
any drama.” Oh, how wrong he was.

In the middle of all the drunken escapades and fighting that
occurs each season on the show, cast members find it difficult to
adjust to the constant presence of the cameras. Everywhere this
year’s cast turned, the crew was there watching and filming.
As a result, the pressure of always being watched bothered the
housemates. However, Randy did comment that, when compared to other
seasons, theirs was more “lighthearted.”

Still, it wouldn’t have been a true “Real
World” season without its fair share of drama. One of the
first storylines of the year revolved around Randy’s initial
attraction to his cute, dynamic housemate Robin, but he said it
withered away as they became better acquainted with one another.
Randy also explained that troubled housemate Frankie was indeed the
source of many problems, and when she decided to leave the show,
“it was a relief.” Randy did, after all, join the show
in order to have a good time, and that he did.

However, their wild parties and drunken nights were sharply
contrasted with their mundane and physically demanding job, working
for a yacht company. Randy and the other cast members,
“straight up had to work (their) asses off.” It was
difficult and monotonous, he said.

Watching the show was difficult for Randy. He explained that
since the show had to encompass so much in so little time, many
aspects of the roommates’ personality do not get a chance to
be explored. Fortunately, he feels as if he and the other
housemates are now an extended family.

Since the show’s conclusion, Randy has been traveling to
colleges, including the University, and occasionally giving
lectures hoping to inspire other students to achieve their goals.
Of course, he still finds time to party, as was evident by his
appearance at the Necto nightclub. The more people he gets to share
his experiences with, the more meaningful the experiences are to
him. He enjoys every minute of his life. “I have the coolest
job in the world,” he said.

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