Surferosa’s Shanghai My Heart is steeped in the
grand ’80s pop tradition of synthesized new wave keyboards
and benign lyrical content. Lead singer Mariann sings with a
stilted fervor reminiscent of her female pop-punk predecessors
Debbie Harry and The Go-Go’s, except without the charm. Her
thick Norwegian accent begins to wear on the ears after a few

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The album kicks off with the band’s current single,
“Lucky Lipstick.” The verse is a predictable sequence
of synth-keyboards and robotic vocal commands which are pleasantly
interrupted by a catchy chorus. Unfortunately, this chorus serves
as the only truly redeemable moment of the entire album. Whether it
is the Ska-influenced “Satin Con Blonde” or The Strokes
guitar riffs of “Digital Audio-Work,” Surferosa fails
to preserve any charm in their songs. The sexual innuendo on
“German Socks” reaches almost unbearable heights with
its kitschy lyrics: “You forgot to buy me a new pair of socks
/ I want to hit it hit it / I want to touch it touch it / I can
touch your butt and then you can say goodbye” The lyrics are
bad enough to make even the most patient indie-rocker question
their motives for purchasing this album.

For all of its lyrical clichés and synth-heavy
production, there is still an attention to poppy hooks that makes
these songs fascinatingly catchy. The band’s choice of a
Pixies album title as their name seems more of an embarrassment
than an homage to the legendary group. Their singles have the pop
appeal to catch on with the Avril Lavigne/Ashlee Simpson
demographic of disenfranchised, pre-teen suburbanites, but its
indie-rock appeal is rather limited.

Rating: 1.5 out of 5 stars.

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