For any American who values peace and freedom, the choice for president couldn’t be easier: Congressman Ron Paul. An Air Force medic during the Vietnam War and an obstetrician who completed his residency at Detroit’s Henry Ford Hospital, Paul’s commitment to principle has never wavered in 10 congressional terms. He is, as Sen. John McCain once said, the most honest man in Washington.

Paul’s deeply conservative stances on taxes, spending, welfare, gun rights and illegal immigration have won him a rapidly growing conservative following. His stances against the illegal occupation of Iraq, the unconstitutional Patriot Act and the immoral military draft are well known, and yet, people are startled to discover how many mainstream liberals are finding themselves agreeing with him.

Only Paul calls for America to leave the World Trade Organization, World Bank, International Monetary Fund and the United Nations. These organizations help oppress millions of people across the globe, whether through economic blackmail (the IMF) or direct intervention. Remember the U.N. sanctions on Iraq? Remember the U.N. slaughter in Yugoslavia? These institutions represent the growth of a global government not accountable to anyone. We need to protect our sovereignty and stop meddling with the affairs of other countries.

Welfare and health care programs seem like compassion for the working class, but the cost of these programs is paid by our own taxes and inflation. Michigan’s economy serves as a clear example of the consequences of unbalanced budgets, and Paul is the only candidate expressing concern about our massive federal debt. When the government borrows money, collects taxes to pay interest and prints money at the price of inflation, it is those on low and fixed incomes who suffer the most. These programs also lead to dependency: What happens if you are thrown off of welfare?

Internet freedom is a major priority for anybody concerned about a healthy media. Why then are Democrats lining up to destroy it? Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama support the Internet Freedom Preservation Act, which requires Internet service providers to get a license from the Federal Communications Commission. They tell us that this will keep ISPs in line, but in reality, this will only make it more difficult for new companies to compete. Also, the potential for censorship is endless.

Democrats want affirmative action for the sake of “diversity,” but ending federal control of school budgets is the real solution to healing the income gap. Schools should be run by state and local governments, not by the U.S. Department of Education.

Illegal immigration is another issue Democrats have trouble with, but as Paul points out, if our economy was in better shape, requirements could be eased and foreign workers would be welcomed. We turn away people patiently waiting to enter legally and offer social services to illegal immigrants at the expense of everyone else. How is that compassionate?

Conservatives overwhelmingly support Paul’s stance on just about everything until the war against terrorism comes up. Is it really so difficult to see the connection between our country’s military aggression and the hatred that it creates? Certainly the 9/11 Commission Report mentioned it.

At Paul’s rally on campus earlier this month, it was interesting to see the anti-war Left and members of Young Americans for Freedom participating in the same event. These groups once protested against each other, but as Paul is fond of saying, “Freedom brings people together.”

Paul’s campaign is energized and growing by the day. The Democratic party’s games have caused its candidates to ignore Michigan completely. So much for the Democratic process. Meanwhile, the Republican Party is finally starting to resent the harm the neo-cons have done to it, and embrace the conservative that they can count on to limit the size of government.

Paul’s army of 50,000 volunteers is growing every day, his popularity on the Internet is legendary, he receives more donations from active-duty troops than any other candidate, and his campaign is afoot in nearly every county in America.

We’re making great progress, but we’ve got a lot more to do. Please join us.

Adam De Angeli is a University alum and a member of the University chapter of Students for Ron Paul.

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