This year’s Superbowl commercials had a bizarre penchant for nostalgia, animals and unwarranted violence. They included at least three ads doing the sentimental generation hop (perhaps in desperate attempts to prove their staying power in an economy that doesn’t discriminate), Budweiser and Pedigree attempting to increase the visibility of horses in the media and Doritos, Audi and Bud Light favoring slapstick aggression ending in death or testicular hindrance. Originality wasn’t exactly abundant. There were, however, some stand-outs. And that’s where we, your friendly Daily TV staff, will weigh in.

Conan goes a bit too far

If you’ve ever wondered about a commercial’s ability to be both terrifyingly awkward and hilariously self-referential, wonder no more. Bud Light’s spot on meta-satire has now officially and permanently burned its brand, along with some uncomfortable images, into the malleable minds of mainstream America. The only thing more disturbing than Conan O’Brien crawling around in a mesh top while hissing was when Bridgestone’s Potato Head commercial set the feminist movement back 30 years.

-Rachel Handler

Hulu makes its presence felt

Super Bowl ads tend to run the gamut from ordinary to plain weird, and online television hub Hulu’s one-minute spot fell solely in the latter column. Featuring Alec Baldwin as an alien accidentally revealing Hulu’s plans for world domination, it didn’t necessarily make sense, but if this is what the revolution looks like, I’m already on board.

-Eric Chiu

The quick life

For those of us bored to tears by those never-ending 30-second commercials, Miller High Life aired the first ever one-second-long ad during this year’s Super Bowl. It featured a portly beer deliveryman screaming “HIGH LIFE!” Maybe Miller was just pinched for cash and couldn’t afford the $3 million for a regular-length commercial, but who knows? Maybe the future of advertising will be friendlier to our shortening attention spans.

-Tommy Coleman, disappointment of the century

There was so much potential here. The ad seemed destined for greatness when the newborn congratulated the doctor with a handshake. And the moments that followed were equally brilliant. But then, the guy’s befuddled when choosing a car? Come on, it’s a freaking car. Once Americans everywhere were left hanging by this underwhelming commercial, it’s hard to say who was more disappointed: them or the Cardinals.

-Dave Reap

The golden toilet

What? Cash4Gold? That pseudo-company that somehow convinces people to put their valuables in the mail? Yes, Cash4Gold made its Superbowl debut with MC Hammer and Ed McMahon listing all the gold possessions they exchanged for cash. Even celebrities need some extra money, but there is no way McMahon is going to fit a gold toilet in those little Cash4Gold bags.

-Carolyn Klarecki

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