“Super Dave’s Spike-tacular” promises “the best half hour of television ever” within the first minute of its premiere. Well, bad things happen to shows that lie, but karma concerns must’ve been ignored by the macho man’s channel that is Spike. Because it’s aware of its flippant tone, this “Spike-tacular” stunt show is a truthful tribute that’s only for the old guys — the nostalgia seekers of the world.

“Super Dave’s Spike-tacular”

Tuesdays at 9 p.m.

The headline “Spike-tacular” guarantees American-dream stunt mayhem: red-white-and-blue scantily clad women and plenty of testosterone. Bob Einstein (“Curb Your Enthusiasm”) plays Super Dave Osbourn, the confident, cool yet clumsy stuntman. Though Super Dave often gets injured when his stunts go awry, “Spike-tacular” fails to deliver the raw action that compels fist pumps and high fives from dudes everywhere. In each of the stunt’s opening sequences, Super Dave is either squashed by a horribly computer-generated demolition ball or blown up in a race car before it can happen. But there’s not even any blood or guts, man!

The tacky stunts in “Super Dave” are as stock as the stupid drunk exploits found on YouTube. In fact, it’s hard to remember this is an actual show and not some dude taping a slow-speed chase through empty streets. “Spike-tacular” is really a mock reality show in this sense, and it doesn’t take itself seriously. In order to extract any enjoyment, its audience must do the same.

Look, Super Dave was born in 1942 and he doesn’t have to obey the rules. He’s an old-fashioned stuntman, and when that’s taken into consideration, the lame jokes and awkward humor transform into sympathetically cute grandpa-esque TV.

There are only four episodes of the “Spike-tacular,” and it’s worth it to watch one of them, laugh at the stupidity and compare how its special effects rival those done on iMovie. Super Dave knows this isn’t the best half hour on television, but grandpas also know their grandkids aren’t the cutest kids ever. Sometimes a lie can be soup for the soul, and Super Dave does his best to keep it well fed.

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