Following in the footsteps of “Saving Private
Ryan’s” brutally realistic retelling of the invasion of
Normandy, Electronic Arts began its “Medal of Honor”
games, a first person shooter that places players directly into
World War II situations. The fourth installment in the popular
series moves the gameplay into a new place for action, the Pacific

Mira Levitan
Stop, or my mom will shoot. (Courtesy of EA)

Fans waiting patiently for a serious upgrade for “Medal of
Honor” and its aging gameplay and graphics will be extremely
disappointed. What was once a refreshing and interesting take on
the first person shooter now has antiquated visuals and game
objectives. Instead of improving upon “Medal of Honor:
Frontline,” EA took the easy route, choosing to release
basically the same game with a new scenario.

The storyline is laughable and the nonsensical, scripted
encounters have little impact on the plot. Most of these meetings
lead the player to the next task in the game, but almost all of the
tasks are menial and don’t feel realistic at all. The opening
sequence, featuring an escape from a ship in Pearl Harbor, is the
most exciting the game offers. Unfortunately, the rest of
“Rising Sun” doesn’t compare to this one moment
of interesting gameplay.

The control scheme remains largely unchanged, which is a good
thing. The true faults in the game are seen in the incredibly ugly
graphics. A few years ago when the last game was released, graphics
like these could be forgiven, but not anymore. The backgrounds look
like cardboard cutouts and the enemies barely distinguish
themselves from each other. The enemy AI is incredibly stupid when
compared to quality first person shooters like “Halo,”
as the Japanese troops never do anything more than fire at you.

“Medal of Honor: Rising Sun” is an unnecessary
sequel that exposes the faults of the previous games. For World War
II buffs, “Rising Sun” may entertain, but it is an
uninspired game for everyone else.

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars.

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