With the time to wear all of those summer styles fading fast, it is a must to recap the season”s hottest trends in order to make the best of the finale of summer sunshine.

Paul Wong
The Grasshopper is one of the many coffeeshops where you can get the dope in Amsterdam<br><br>Courtesy ATB

One would have had to go through this summer with blinders on to not have picked up on some of the major fads. Talk about trend-o-rama!

Hollywood always influences the fashion and with the release of the “Charlie”s Angels” movie last year, aviator sunglasses have found their way back into the limelight. You choose the color they”re a sure way to spice up any outfit. And they are not just for kids-parents are trying out this one too.

As always, denim is a must-wear, but the variations this summer brought the look to a new extreme. Cut! Cut! Cut! Cut the bottoms of your jeans into capris, cut the bottom of your jean skirt, welcome back the old mini of the 80″s, and don”t forget to cut off the waist for some added appeal.

Even basic tank tops are being cut to show off the ever-desired tan midriff. Add to that a pair of chunky flip-flops (how high can they go?), and you are almost set!

Don”t forget your fatigues. Be it a belt or an army print tee or tank, something”s gotta go military. (Rhinestones are definatelty an added bonus.) Top that off with a cowboy hat, a nod to the Material Girl”s world tour, and you”re ready to go.

Remember to also keep an eye out for this fall”s rising rages. Bowling shoes are a must, alongside super-low-waisted pants.

Keep the logo tees coming and don”t worry, the long sweaters you”ve invested in aren”t going anywhere!

To add a bit more glam to your eveningwear, don”t be afraid to dig out some old eighties attire.

Thick, hip slung belts are making a big comeback and white heels aren”t too far behind. You”ve seen it all before, and now you”ll see it all again!

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