“When you (frick) with Tony Montana, you”re (fricking) with the best.” These words encapsulate the personage of Cuban refugee Tony Montana. This Cuban refugee, who always tells the truth (even when he lies), started life at the bottom and did everything in his power to make the American dream work for him. He lived a vibrant, full life and went out in a brilliant blaze of bullets and cocaine. He lived by the rocket launcher/submachine gun, and he died by the rocket launcher/submachine gun. How many of us that spend our lives pushing pencils can hope for such an extraordinary passing into the next life?

Paul Wong
Tony Montana mans his favorite weapon, the submarine gun.<br><br>Courtesy of Universal Pictures

But what, exactly, made Montana the roughest, toughest bad ass to walk the planet? He lived simply by his “word” and by his “balls,” and, I”m told, he refused to break either. He was honest, straight forward and didn”t let adversity stand in his way. When he was given the chance to sneak into the United States simply by killing a rebel leader, Montana joked that he”d kill a communist for fun, but that for a green card he”d “cut him up real nice.” It”s this eye for detail and the drive to get ahead that kept Montana on top for so long.

America was a perfect fit for Montana, a fast learner who refused to take no for an answer. He watched as Alejandro Sosa”s men threw Omar out of a helicopter and understood: Don”t (fuck) Sosa. A wise man learns from the mistakes of others, and an even wiser man uses those mistakes against the first man. This becomes clear when Montana gets together his own “crew” together to take over the “business” from Frank Lopez. A hostile take over was just the thing Lopez”s drug empire needed. A “shot in the arm,” if you will.

Sadly, Montana will always be remembered for his drugged-out death as several men shot him dead on his own staircase, but this is hardly a fitting way to remember such a go-getter. In fact, as he was being torn apart by bullets, he still had the strength and state of mind to take a few of those “cock-a-roaches” with him, blowing them to kingdom come with his final ounces of strength. The mantras Montana lived by could serve us all good in our own daily lives. What politician wouldn”t do good to remember that, in this country, one must first “get the money,” and that once you get the money “you get the women.” Bill Clinton certainly remembered that, and he was president for eight years! And how many Americans simply want what is coming to them? All of them, that”s how many! Montana saw things on a broader scale, and just felt he had more (that is, the world and everything in it) coming to him.

We could all take a few lessons from the little Cuban boy who made good. And despite his rough attitude, Montana didn”t (fuck) anyone over who didn”t deserve it once in his whole life. That”s just the good business man he was.

It would do us all good to follow the example of Tony “Scarface” Montana, by living the American dream and introducing all of our enemies to our little friends.

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