Obedient Sons and Daughters: Fall 2008 Ready to Wear

Brian Merlos
(COURTESY OF style.com)

Christina Hutson, the husband and wife design group of Obedient Sons and Daughters, are anything but obedient. For a label that made its name in menswear, Obedient Sons and Daughters takes their previously perfected blend of rebel and prep – with a bit of meticulous tailoring and lots of satin bow ties – and turns an impressive men’s line into an even bolder women’s one.

Using traditional elements of menswear, Obedient Sons and Daughters morph wool jackets and pinstripe shirts into a line of high-waisted shorts and blazers for women. Each look comes across just slightly more feminine than androgynous. With fitted curves and a conscious layering of coherent patterns, muted colors and complimentary textures, the line hits a high point with its strikingly glamorous, though completely wearable women’s collection.

While other designers at Fashion Week have attempted to pull off the rebel-prep look, their attempts have left them with a look that is no more than a baggy bohemian poncho over a schoolgirl uniform. Their attempts simply fall flat next to the spirit of rock, messy hair and untied boots, not-trying-too-hard-but-still-looking-great confidence that Sons and Daughters embody in their fall line.

By translating the seemingly careless demeanor of their menswear tradition into a uniquely individual palate of women’s clothing, Sons and Daughters pushes their fresh idea of fashion into a refined yet rebellious debut.

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