In a school full of the leaders and the best, it takes something extra special to stand out among the crowd. From environmentalism to acting and athleticism to entrepreneurship, these students have gone above and beyond to become the students of the year.

Chris Armstrong

He was the target of verbal harassment by former Michigan assistant attorney general Andrew Shirvell. In light of this, it’s easy for people to forget everything else Armstrong has done this year.

Bhanu Chundu

Though LSA senior Bhanu Chundu has not yet received his degree, that hasn’t kept him from creating films with the same cinematic quality as professional filmmakers.

David Hines Jr.

“And now in his second year as Michigan’s man-up-front, from Marietta, Georgia, Drum Major David Hines Jr.!” The 100,000-plus crowd goes bonkers. But one person doesn’t notice.

A.J. Holmes

Students have to be extremely talented to make it into the musical theatre department at the University. But to be one of its brightest stars takes determination and a knack for teamwork, which is exactly what senior A.J. Holmes possesses.

Allen Kim

Running a business valued at well over $100,000 as a college student may make some people stressed, but Engineering senior Allen Kim is an exception.

Lion Kim

For Michigan men’s golf captain Lion Kim, this spring has meant balancing the additional workload of participating in last weekend’s most esteemed PGA Tour stop — The Masters championships at Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia.

Maggie Oliver and Lauren Sopher

Art & Design senior Lauren Sopher and LSA sophomore Maggie Oliver are not fans of bottled water. Sopher and Oliver gained University-wide recognition this year when they spearheaded a campaign to ban the sale of bottled water on campus.

Joey Richter

Music, Theatre & Dance senior Joey Richter knew from the start that he wanted to attend college somewhere outside of his home state of California. Ultimately it came down to New York University and the University of Michigan.

Kellen Russell

It is said that nobody is perfect. But redshirt junior Kellen Russell’s wrestling record would suggest otherwise.

John-William Sidhom

Engineering senior John-William Sidhom is one University student who took his coursework beyond the classroom.

Lexi Zimmerman

Not many Division-I athletes can claim to be named the best all-time player in a particular sport.

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