A group of University students will take a stand against poverty and hunger tomorrow on the Diag.

One 4 Results, a student group working to end poverty and hunger, will host an event today called “Stand Up Against Poverty,” designed to bring attention to worldwide poverty.

A series of speakers are scheduled to address the audience about the causes of poverty. After the speeches, everyone will stand up to represent his or her will to fight against poverty.

According to Ross School of Business sophomore Joshua Lee, the event’s University co-chair, 189 nations and more than 43 million people observe the rally.

Lee said the rally started as a way to draw attention to the Millennium Development Goals — the eight moral benchmarks set by the United Nations in 2000. It aims to have those completed by 2015. Among the goals is ending poverty and hunger.

This year marks the third-straight the University has been involved.

“The number of people participating has kept increasing ever since we started the rally,” Lee said.

Lee’s co-chair Lisa Treumuth, a College of Pharmacy graduate student, said a more diverse group of speakers would address the group this year. She said a homeless man will talk about homelessness and how it relates to Ann Arbor.

Lee said the group recruited 80 people last year to stand up and sign a pledge for the Millennium Development Goals. He said this year’s goal is 200 people.

Along with One 4 Results, ONE Campaign, STAND, Hope North Korea, Alternative Weekends and Habitat for Humanity are scheduled to work at the event. Students will have the opportunity to sign up to volunteer with the groups.

Lee acknowledged that with fall break around the corner, the group may have trouble attracting as much attention as it otherwise would.

“We understand that the rally is right before the Fall Break and students might find it really hard to participate in the rally, but I do encourage them to come to our rally, listen to our speakers, get inspired, and take action against poverty,” he said.

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