A simple box of chocolates and a dozen roses no longer make the cut for Valentine’s Day. While a romantic dinner is the classic February 14th outing, creativity is what really wins points these days when trying to impress a special somebody. University students have caught on to this trend and share their best Valentine’s Day ideas and experiences.Meal MagicFor those that have their significant other close by, putting some extra thought into a romantic dinner might be all it takes to impress a date. “I took my ex to an amazing restaurant, and her favorite color was orange so for dessert, I had them write, “Happy Valentine’s Day” in only the orange-colored candy hearts on top of it and gave her orange and red roses” said LSA sophomore Ben Ryberg. Putting in that extra touch is exactly what it takes to score extra points for Valentine’s Day.Adding on to the dinner theme, LSA sophomore Jackie Cobb’s boyfriend was resourceful and set up an indoor picnic on the floor of his bedroom — complete with food, candles, wine and flowers. Even in the dead of winter in Michigan, a picnic can help set the perfect mood. For those who prefer dining out while still getting a true taste of Ann Arbor, LSA freshman Randi Davis suggests a progressive dinner, “It’s really fun going to a different restaurant for appetizers, the main course and for dessert. It’s a good way to spend time together and it makes dinner more interesting.” Giving LargeFor those students with unlimited spending money for a gift, Ross School of Business sophomore Ryan Shuwarger has a few ideas up his sleeve. “If I really wanted to impress a girl, I would get someone to write her name in the sky or send violinists to her house to serenade her,” said Shuwarger. Another extreme idea for the holiday and something a college student is unlikely to follow through with is a surprise weekend vacation. LSA sophomore Andy Browne dreams, “I would secretly have a limo pick up my girlfriend at her college residence, then blindfold her onto a private jet for an exotic weekend getaway to the Caribbean.” Unfortunately, extravagant dates like these will be hard to come by for the struggling college student. Creative ControlFortunately, a little imagination can still help in delivering a priceless gift. Surprising your Valentine is a great way to make it an unforgettable day. To keep the spark going in a long distance relationship, LSA sophomore Matt Coakley went the extra mile for his girlfriend. Covering himself in wrapping paper with a bow tied around his neck, Coakley made the trip out to Colorado to surprise his girlfriend. While this one was a gamble since it was a surprise visit, it went over well. Another fun gift idea comes from LSA sophomore Ann Marie Mark who is giving her valentine concert tickets, something they can enjoy together. The important thing to remember is that this holiday is not about how much you spend on each other, but rather about the time you spend together. LSA sophomore Maureen Degnan remembered the time when she was asked out by a boy in her class for Valentine’s Day, even though he had broken his foot the day before. He “still managed to get me flowers and chocolate, and we also had to walk a mile to the restaurant,” Degnan said. “Just him making such an effort meant a lot.” Putting together the ultimate idea of Valentine’s Day, LSA sophomore Charlie Miller sums it up nicely.“I think the best ideas come to a person when they simply try to make the other person feel like they’re the only other person in the world and that they’re extraordinary.”Take a hint from these imaginative students and plan something special. You’ve still got a few days to go!

Chelsea Trull
Some students seek out creative was to show their love. (Photo illustration by Ryan Weiner/Daily)

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