It was nearly 2:30 a.m. and Christophe couldn’t turn down the offer – sex in the graduate library.

Sarah Royce
Two students. Doing it. (PEEPING THOM/Daily)

And oddly enough he and his boyfriend had protection on hand.

“The execution was quite rousing and zestful,” said Christophe, a University alum who did not wish to use his last name.

Yes, it’s true. Students indeed get laid in the Harlan Hatcher Graduate Library. From the stairwell to the stacks, from intercourse to giving head, and from gay sex to just heterosexual intercourse, to the elite few, the graduate library is not just a haven for studying, but a sanctuary of sexual passions.

Christophe, who had sex in the stairwell at the graduate library in April 2004, said he and his then boyfriend never planned to embark on the intimate experience. But because he had only one year left at the University, he thought why not.

“As for the caliber of the intercourse and orgasm, initially I was tense and quite commoved by paranoia, but it quickly shifted to good old carnal nature,” he said.

Brenda Johnson, associate University librarian said, she believes sex in the alleged erotic library does not occur on a regular basis.

“Sure, it’s probably happened in the past, but it may be as much of an urban legend as a reality.

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