Having already organized a wide variety of students into the new Students First Party, presidential candidate Sarah Boot and vice- presidential candidate Dana Glassel said they have the experience to unite MSA.

Charles Goddeeris
Charles Goddeeris

“I’ve been able to take that leadership role, especially in forming this new party,” Glassel said.

Through her work as Communications Committee chair, Boot said she has gained experience organizing and prioritizing projects.

If elected, Boot said she hopes to reach out to students who feel disenfranchised or apathetic toward MSA.

Because many of the candidates of Students First are leaders in various student organizations around campus and share the perspective of constituents, they will hopefully give people a reason to care about MSA, she said.

To ensure contact between representatives and students, Boot said she will develop an MSA outreach program.

“What I want is for representatives to be assigned four student groups, and for that semester they bring the issues of the assembly to them,” she said.

Glassel said she plans to expand Entr

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