Spring break has finally showed its sunny face in the midst of this gloom that Michiganders call “winter.” Spring break offers time to escape from Ann Arbor. The rigors of college life disappear in vacation spots such as Cancun, Florida or just plain home. But just what are students on campus doing to get away from the freezing temperatures and the remnants of snow?

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Ingrid Peterson of STA Travel on South University helps students plan their spring break trips. The big groups have made plans to get away from school for a week in Los Cabos, Acapulco and Negril. Students are “looking for non-typical destinations,” Peterson said. Students also have plans to travel to warm locales as close as Miami or as far away as Europe. With an STA travel package, a trip to Paris, London and Madrid can cost a little more than $800.

For students staying in the good ol” United States, hot spring break destinations are concentrated primarily in Florida. At STA Travel, Miami is the students” Florida destination of choice. Another hot spot is, of course, the ever popular Daytona Beach.

At Regency Travel on State Street, Lona Rasolofoson has been busy planning trips for students, as well. This agency”s major destination is Cancun, Mexico. Cancun appeals to students, Rasolofoson said, because of the “watersports and night entertainment you know, clubs and everything.” Students who desire to stay in the states have been traveling to Florida with Regency Travel, as well, following the basic trend in spring break trips.

Many others, however, will use this break to relax at home. Students see the break as a chance to catch up with old friends, see their families, or just make a little extra money with a job at home. They also want to show their “school” friends the towns where they grew up. LSA first-year student Greg Rutter, for instance, is going home with a friend to Sutter Creek, Calif.

LSA junior Rico Ciricola will travel to Central Michigan University to stay with friends from his hometown and will also visit his grandparents while he is up there. Going home for spring break also has the added benefit of a lower cost than a trip.

Some have opted to go on a trip with a student group, for various reasons. LSA student Sarah Luke, a member of the University”s Gospel Chorale, will go on tour with the group for spring break. The singers will travel to Cleveland, stop to perform at a couple of cities in Florida, then travel to Atlanta, Nashville and Bloomington, Ind., to sing.

The trip “sounded like fun, I haven”t been to a lot of these cities,” Luke said. “Also, Gospel Chorale is really big, so it”s a good way to get to know people.” This is true of many of the large student groups on campus. Since one will be with these people for the next four years, at least, spring break trips are a good way to get to know new people and share an experience with many.

All of these locations share the common bond of being spring break destinations for University students. The southern states are sure to get a lot of tourist activity at the end of this week when we are finally released from the clouds and cold. Whether you stay in Michigan, go out of state, or even travel out of the country, you”re destined to have a week of relaxation, free from classes, at least, if not free from the weather.

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