With the school year ending, most students are faced with the dilemma of where they can store their belongings over the summer.

Currently, the University recommends a variety of methods to help students either ship or store their possessions. John’s Pack & Ship, a University-endorsed storage and shipping company, offers students an efficient way to complete the move out process.

“We open nine stations in nine separate residence halls for packing, storing or shipping,” said manager John Kazanjian. Students who wish to store their property with this company can store it at $25 a box for the entire summer and then have it delivered it to their residence when they return for the new school year.

LSA freshman Nick Fry, who plans on using the service, said, “I’m just packing all my things and just taking a plane out.”

In lieu of paying costly fees, some students will opt for less expensive means of storage.

Engineering freshman Pratima Ingle said, “I’m going to leave all my winter clothes with my aunt who lives in Michigan.” She said she will bring the rest of her possessions home in two suitcases when she returns home to Oregon.

Even so, many students will choose to not deal with summer storage and prefer to throw away or donate their belongings instead.

The University also provides a service at residence halls, allowing students to donate their unwanted belongings through the Waste Management Services. Items ranging from clothes to packaged foods can be donated at the end of the term.

But a new company in Ann Arbor called Your Auction Partner allows students to auction their unwanted items online. Employee Paul York said, “It’s become evident that students are leaving things behind that are valuable and even expensive.”

Rather than just getting rid of possessions they cannot take home or do not want, students can make a little bit of cash.

Your Auction Partner offers a service that sells unwanted student possessions on the Internet auction website eBay, York said. Students can leave their belongings for auction and the company will make preparations to sell it online. “We take the pictures of the product and fill out the information for the online auction,” he added. Once it sells, students will then receive a check in the mail.

If it does not sell, York said the product can always be relisted but for an added cost. He added even if it does not sell the student can pick it up, or their company can make sure it gets donated.

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