Between canoeing down the Huron River, looking at rat brains on slides, and partying at the bar, students who have stayed in Ann Arbor for various have been making the most of their summer.

J. Brady McCollough
Ann Arbor residents played street hockey on Elbel Field on Saturday. Many students said sports were a way to fight summer boredom. (TONY DING/Daily)

With the change in season, many students are enjoying a break from the cold winter weather, LSA senior Jeff Lawson said. Lawson added that he also relaxes by going canoeing down the Huron River.

However, Lawson is not the only student who has ventured onto the river.

“I went canoeing down the Huron – we went about a quarter mile down the river then just laid out in the sun,” LSA senior Danielle Hein said.

Still other students prefer to keep dry while staying outdoors, LSA junior Lindsey Crammond said.

Crammond plays a variation of golf known as disc golf. She describes it as a form of golf where a frisbee is used in place of a ball. She added that this relatively new sport has to be played on a specific course – she plays at the Hudson Mills course in Ann Arbor.

A more well known summer sport is kickball, and LSA junior Jill Paul has organized a league to fill her spare time when out of the classroom. Paul said the league has not actually started yet because it does not have a ball, but that efforts have been made to begin play. She explained that potential league members went to Meijer to get a kickball, but the store only had one that was flat and they would not blow it up for them.

Besides outdoor activities, LSA alum Shannon Karol said she often goes to the bars for entertainment.

“The bar scene in the summer is pretty quiet. It’s a lot more relaxed. I go to Ashley’s, Charlie’s, it’s more like hanging out with friends than dancing,” Karol added.

But Tribe Entertainment employee LSA sophomore Drew Zuniga works to cater toward those students who are looking for more action at the bar.

Zuniga said this summer he will be working for Tribe Entertainment with a group of students from the University. As part of his job he works to publicize different local venues such as The Necto, Blind Pig, and Touchdown Cafe where Tribe DJ’s will be performing.

Not all jobs consist of throwing parties however; LSA senior Caroline Collins said her job deals very literally with brains.

“I’m doing research in neurology in the North Ingalls Building. I look at slides of rat brains and make sure the electrode is plated in the right place to do surgery. I like it, I’m glad I did it,” Collins said.

But Collins added that she doesn’t necessarily “love” the job, because she does not want to be in a lab her whole life doing research for 40 hours a week, “its not what I want to do in the future.”

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