As the cloud of impending doom descends upon Michigan basketball coach Brian Ellerbe, students across campus are clamoring for his dismissal.

Paul Wong
Despite his own contention that he expects to return as Michigan”s head coach next year, a press conference to announce Ellerbe”s firing could come at any time.<br><br>DAVID KATZ/Daily

“You don”t want a coach who spends half the game staring at the floor,” Kinesiology sophomore Mike Raspatello said.

Some students have even started pools to determine when Ellerbe”s final day will be.

“I bet on him losing his job nine days after the season, so I hope he doesn”t get fired tomorrow,” LSA freshman Allison Topp said last night.

But Ellerbe does have some supporters on campus.

“He hasn”t had a recruiting class go all the way through,” LSA freshman Tyler King said. “Give him a couple years with his own seniors on the team and then decide.”

After a disappointing 10-18 season, many students are trying to dwell fondly on more prosperous days the program enjoyed.

“It hasn”t been fun since we had Dugan Fife, Maceo Baston and them,” LSA sophomore Adam Hamilton said. “They just can”t keep good players here.”

Last year the Wolverines lost Jamal Crawford to the NBA and Kevin Gaines for disciplinary reasons, and this year”s freshman class has had off-the-court problems of its own.

“There”s like 100 people on the football team, and they don”t cause half as much trouble as the 10 basketball players do,” Engineering sophomore Sean Augenstein said.

Some think that a big name coach is the answer to Michigan fans” prayers.

“We need Pitino,” LSA freshman Deepak Diwan said. “Tell Pitino I”m issuing the call for him to come here. I”ll be at every single home game if he does.”

For many the bottom line is winning, and winning is not something Ellerbe has done consistently. Over the last three seasons, the team has a 37-51 record under Ellerbe.

“If we”re not a winning team, then it”s time for a change,” SNRE sophomore Shannon Charney said.

“We didn”t win,” LSA freshman Peter Janowski said. “If you don”t win at Michigan, you”re out.”

While most students think that Michigan needs a change in the coaching position, the general consensus is that the dismissal should be done with class.

“We should treat him with respect,” LSA freshman Kenneth Wall said. “He gave it his best shot, but it wasn”t good enough.”

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