During this year’s winter break University students traveled all over the world, experiencing snow, tortoises and time with family.

LSA freshman Abigail Fisher traveled to Florida for Winter Break with her family.

Fisher’s activities ranged from visiting her grandmother in Palm Beach to exploring the mangroves by jet ski in the Keys.

While jet skiing, Fisher experienced some wildlife firsthand, when she saw sand sharks and other animals.

“It was awesome,” she said.

However, Fisher said her favorite part of break was seeing her family.

“I didn’t really get to see them much for the first semester,” she said. “It was really good to catch up with them and spend time with them.”

Though Fisher is from Michigan, where the semester break typically consists of a snowy holiday season, she said the lack of winter weather did not bother her.

“I’m used to not having snow because we go to Florida every year,” Fisher said. “But I really enjoy the warm weather.”

Art & Design sophomore Kalli Kouf had a ski race with her brother, though it was difficult to move off the couch

“I went skiing a lot,” Kouf said. “I also didn’t really move from my couch that much.”

During one of the times when Kalli did move from her couch, she and her brother raced down a mountain while skiing.

“My brother and I raced each other while we were skiing, and he beat me by two miles per hour,” Kouf said. “I was going 47 and he was going 49, and we were both upset that we didn’t hit 50.”

LSA sophomore Emily Karlsson spent New Year’s Eve in Disney World with her family.

“New Year’s Eve was really interesting,” Karlsson said. “I’ve never had it in a place like that before, where there’s just, like, so many people around at the same time.”

Karlsson said she usually spends New Year’s Eve only with her family.

“It was really interesting to be in this enormous crowd of people, watching all these fireworks go off,” she added.

Karlsson also said celebrating in a crowd of people felt right.

“My sister mentioned something about how it was interesting that everyone in the entire world was celebrating on that day, the New Year coming in,” Karlsson said. “It’s representative of what Disney World is to me, in a weird way.”

Though he traveled to the Galapagos Islands, LSA junior Benjamin Katz did not see any of its famous tortoises

“They actually only live on a few of the islands, and in the Galapagos they have really strict conservation policies,” Katz said. “They really restrict what islands people are allowed to go to.”

And he was disappointed.

“Those are the most iconic animals there,” Katz said.

While on the Galapagos Islands, Katz did get to see penguins, however.

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