A 20-year-old student was hit by a white Honda Accord on Packard Street near Arch Street Wednesday afternoon.

Sgt. Matt Lige of the Ann Arbor Police Department said the student was in serious condition at the University Hospital on Wednesday evening.

Police were notified of the accident at about 3 p.m. Lige said the car was traveling at a “relatively low speed” when the accident occurred.

The Accord was headed north on Packard when it swerved into the opposite lane and hit the student from behind as she was walking in the bike lane toward Arch Street.

Business school senior Dan Hazen was walking on the sidewalk across the street when he heard the car go off the road.

After hitting the student, the car straightened out and drove for about 20 feet. It then swerved again to the left and collided with a tree, Hazen said.

Hazen described the student as blond and of average height. He said she was carrying a bag emblazoned with Greek letters.

Business school senior Mason Thalheimer, who at the time of the accident was doing homework in the living room of his house at the corner of Arch and Packard, came outside when he felt the impact of the car hitting the tree.

“It was like an earthquake,” he said.

Thalheimer said an elderly woman was driving the Accord.

The Accord was towed from the scene at about 5:20 p.m. The left side of its bumper was ripped from the body and its engine was partly exposed.

Police closed Packard to traffic between Hill Street and Vaughn Street soon after they arrived at the scene. They reopened it after the car was towed.

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