If you feel lost or confused by the number of groups and events on campus, a new website might help you find your way.

Engineering Senior Daniel Feldman built a new website called Eventivore.com, which serves as a day-by-day guide to events and group meetings on campus.

He hopes that his site, which also has a student group directory, make it easier for students to navigate the overwhelming number of groups and activities on campus.

“There are a million great events and organizations on campus, but it’s hard for students to find the ones for them,” he said.

Feldman said he wants the website, aimed at both undergraduate and graduate students, to serve as a connection between students, groups and events and the University.

Feldman said he is convinced that Eventivore’s features trump the University’s current events site, events.umich.edu.

“The fault with the UM events site, aside from its poor design, is that it doesn’t connect to the Maize Pages,” Feldman said. “Eventivore has tools for students to find both events and specific groups that interest them.”

Still, the site has holes. It doesn’t list all of the events posted on the University’s site.

The site also includes a keyword system that allows group leaders to tag words to their groups for so people can easily find them.

Feldman said he hopes to get faculty involved by allowing them to post anything from advertisements for events to lecture notes on the site. He has also begun to post off-campus events on the site.

Feldman’s plans for the future include working with the Michigan Student Assembly to send a survey to incoming freshmen that would match them with groups registered on Eventivore.

When the forms are sent back, Feldman said groups could invite freshmen to join their organizations before coming to campus.

Eventivore isn’t Feldman’s first attempt at a campus-wide website.

Last year, he created liveUgli.com, a site that allows students to register their locations at University libraries. Users would then appear on a map so their friends – or anyone else – could find them. But the site never caught on.

“It was just too hard to use,” he said.

He said he did learn one lesson, though.

“We need to focus less of technical aspects and more on the advertisement,” he said.

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