With elections for the next academic year’s Central Student Government less than a week away, The Michigan Daily spoke to a several student organizations on campus about their relationship with the body and the initiatives they would like CSG to focus on in the 2015-2016 school year.

CSG currently has a Student Organization Outreach commission. The CSG website states the purpose of the commission is to meet with at least 10 student organizations per week. The commission is also tasked with creating monthly reports on student groups’ needs and suggestions on how to address those needs.

The University’s South Asian American Network, Hillel and the Panhellenic Association responded to the Daily, and all listed increasing active collaboration with student organizations as one of their top priorities for the student assembly. Black Student Union declined to comment. The Michigan Daily was unable to reach SAPAC and MSA for comment.

SAAN programming director Fatema Chamak, a Public Policy junior, said she felt it can be difficult to receive support from CSG. She said she would like to see CSG reach out to student organizations like SAAN, instead of placing the burden of reaching out on the organizations.

“Seeing that we’ve fostered a relationship for a years now, it would be helpful if the relationship was more communicative on both sides,” Chamak said.

Business junior Alex Adler, the chair of Hillel’s governing board, said he would like CSG to work on facilitating connections amongst student leaders from different organizations.

He proposed creating a leadership program, or combining pre-existing leadership development workshops.

“Empowering and developing leadership is a big one for us,” Adler said.

He also identified the student assembly’s efforts to combat sexual assault on campus as a potential area for growth.

CSG joined the national campus sexual assault prevention campaign, It’s On Us, in September. The student assembly also partnered with I Will, a student-run campaign dedicated to sexual assault prevention, to create a specific pledge for University students where signers promised to empower sexual assault survivors and become allies.
CSG also collaborated on the I Will campaign to facilitate a workshop on sexual assault in November.

“We’d really like to see CSG continue to make the strides that they started to make this year but really push the conversation and make sure it reaches across all of campus,” Adler said.

Business junior Maddy Walsh, Panhellenic Association president, wrote in an e-mail to the Daily that she spoke to the executive candidates from both parties and they made it clear to her they would like to work to unite the campus through various initiatives.

She wrote she believed this was particularly important to her group because one of the association’s goals for the year is to increase collaboration with other student organizations.

“It will be great to have CSG as a facilitator, partner, and advocate for a connected campus,” Walsh stated.

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