A female University student was struck by a car yesterday as she
got off a University bus on Bonisteel Boulevard and attempted to
cross the street at about 5:30 p.m.

The bus driver, who witnessed the scene immediately, called the
accident in, and the woman was brought to the University
Hospital’s emergency room for evaluation, said Department of
Public of Safety Sgt. Janet Conners.

The injuries that the woman sustained were not life-threatening,
she added.

Despite the accident, Conners said that cars hitting pedestrians
does not seem to be an especially large problem on campus, although
she did not know how many such incidents have happened

“I’ve worked here for 17 years and haven’t
seen a big increase. (If anything) it seems to involve bikers more
than pedestrians,” Conners said.

Conners warned to check carefully for cars especially when
getting off the bus.

“Be aware of your surroundings when crossing the street.
You may think (drivers) see you, but maybe their attention is
diverted. The best advice is to wait for them to pass,”
Conners said.

She added that it is important to notice the traffic differences
between North and Central campuses.

She said there is more rampant speeding on North Campus,
especially from Murfin Avenue to Bonisteel Boulevard, because there
are fewer stop signs to break up the flow of traffic on North

The driver in the accident stayed until police arrived and
remained cooperative, Conners said.

She said the driver did not appear to be speeding.

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