The following are a list of interactive databases on a range of topics relevant to student life, from grade distributions of LSA classes to the best places to eat downtown. 

Michigan Daily Map of Ann Arbor

The Michigan Daily Map is designed to give students insight about various locations around campus as well as the city of Ann Arbor. Filter through the many categories to find places ranging from study areas and libraries to sunbathing spots and bars. Additionally, find tips and tricks about various places around the city or discover new food to try out with food recommendations.


Michigan Daily Grade Guide

This database includes grade distributions for most classes at the University of Michigan’s College of Literature, Science and the Arts for the past three semesters, obtained under a Freedom of Information Act request. Enter the name of an LSA class in the search bar to see the grade distribution of that class. Multiple classes can be entered if you would like to compare grades between courses.


Minor in Possession and Fake ID Information Sheet:

Received a MIP or fake ID charge? This information sheet will let you know what the common consequences are and other background information. The Michigan Daily does not provide legal advice. 

Best of Ann Arbor 2016

What is it about Ann Arbor? It’s hard to pinpoint exactly why we love it. Blame it on the colorful residents, the intellectual buzz about the streets or the magical, streetlight-soaked feeling you get after a night on the town: There’s no denying this is a great city. This year’s Best of Ann Arbor issue features some of the new and some of the classic in the city — our very favorite spots to chow down, drink up and hang out. Use it as your guide, as well as an ode, to the brightest spots of 2016.

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