Student government is gearing up for another semester with new
projects, including a State of the College address, battle of the
bands and the creation of an international relations minor.

To mark the third anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks,
MSA will sponsor a conference featuring speakers such as former
U.N. weapons inspector Scott Ritter and CNN analyst Jeffrey Toobin.
The event will take place on Saturday at 10 a.m. in the Business

MSA will also unveil a website next Monday that will help
students in the search for off-campus housing. Through this
website, students will be able to rank landlords and describe their
experiences with housing. Students will be able to access this
service at

The Residence Halls Association and the University Activities
Center will be working with MSA to put on a battle of the bands at
Palmer Field this Friday at 5 p.m. “We’re working
together on getting the campus excited and united,” MSA Vice
President Jennifer Nathan said.

MSA also hopes to host a Spring Fling event on the last day of
classes. Students will be able to celebrate the end of next
year’s winter term with live music and other festivities.
“We’re hoping for some big names,” said MSA
President Jason Mironov, a Business School senior.

The LSA Student Government’s plans for the year include
events geared toward student outreach, politics and school

During last spring’s elections, LSA-SG President Lauren
May, a junior, and Vice President Ryan Ford, a senior, announced
they plan to turn the focus of the group toward more nonacademic
projects. They cited Thursday’s Palmer Party, an annual
festival for freshmen during welcome week, as an example of the
shift in their efforts. “That was a good event to get
freshmen involved right away,” Ford said. “We’re
working on continuing things like that.”

Also this fall, the student government will register voters and
advertise groups such as MTV’s Rock the Vote and Voice Your
Vote, which encourage voter participation.

Planning is also underway for what members of LSA-SG hope will
turn into several days devoted to homecoming festivities. Current
plans include a spirit day on the Diag, live music, and other games
and activities.

“The school is full of school spirit, so why not channel
that into homecoming celebration?” May asked during her
campaign last semester.

A State of the College address is also on the student
government’s agenda for this year. LSA-SG is hoping to book
several deans including Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Education
Marjorie Horton to speak along with May to inform students about
what is going on within the college from the perspective of both
the administration and the student government.

“We’re going to do this to keep communication lines
open with students and get their feedback,” Ford said. The
event is tentatively scheduled for late November.

LSA-SG will also be continuing efforts to add an international
relations minor. The minor would include two tracks, one focusing
on cultures and the other on politics. Ford stressed that while
progress has been made in this area, the work is not done.

“We actually got half of what we wanted,” Ford said,
referring to the go-ahead from LSA deans and department heads for
the culturally based minor. “We’re still pushing for
the political track with departments like political science.”
Ford said the cultural international relations minor should be
available to students this winter.

In order to follow through on a promise made during their winter
campaigns, the MSA executives will also be making an effort to
connect with more student groups this year.

“We’ll be offering incentives to representatives who
go to student group events,” MSA Vice President Jenny Nathan,
an LSA senior.



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