Students who have a beef with their student government representatives will have the chance to let them know tonight at a town hall meeting organized by LSA Student Government.

Representatives from the University’s major student governments, including the Michigan Student Assembly, will meet tonight at 7:30 p.m. in Chemistry 1300 to field complaints and thoughts from the student body. The town hall is also meant to inform students about what the student governments have been doing lately.

Megan Madison, LSA-SG’s academic relations officer who organized the event, said the town hall meeting is about accountability. Madison said it’s important for her and her fellow representatives to know what’s important to their constituents.

“I just think it’s kind of like, ‘duh, democracy,’ ” Madison said. “We’ve sort of gotten used to this culture of a one-party system and a disconnect to student governments and the actual students they’re supposed to be accountable to, so hopefully this is one step in mending that rift.”

One reason to have all the student governments in one place — besides allowing students to complain at once — is to figure out solutions to students’ concerns that might involve more than one government, Madison said.

Gibran Baydoun, MSA’s campus governance chair who worked with Madison to plan the event, said any way to hear students’ concerns and ideas is reason enough to hold an event.

“Any time that we have the opportunity to hear what’s on the students’ minds is always a good thing,” Baydoun said. “If a student comes and is complaining about a dorm issue, (Residence Hall Association) is there. If a student comes to complain about an LSA issue, LSA-SG is there.”

Engineering freshman Scott Wilson said he’s interested in going to the event to find out why student government hasn’t done all it said it would during elections.

“Basically going is about holding them more accountable,” Wilson said.

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