After youMICH released a video early this week in which student personality “Da’Quan Carter” endorses the youMICH candidates for president and vice president, students took to social media to denounce or defend the campaign material.

The video was originally posted on youMICH’s facebook page but has since been replaced with an apologetic statement, which said the video was “intended to be a light-hearted promotional video done for the campaign by a campus comedian.”

The post continues, saying, “Our intention was never to be racially insensitive–it was never meant to come at the expense of any racial identity. “ Some people believe the character — played by a white student — portrays offensive stereotypes of African Americans.

Several candidates from forUM denounced the video and Public Policy senior Alexander Lane, forUM’s communications director, wrote in a statement that the “video showed poor judgment, in our view, and an insensitivity to race issues. This was bad leadership.”

In a letter to the editor published in Wednesday’s edition of The Michigan Daily, LSA senior Noël Gordon wrote that the video was a “clearly not-so-veiled attempt at showing us just how “with it” — read: black — youMich really is.”

The video was also brought up at Tuesday night’s CSG assembly meeting when LSA sophomore Chavon Taylor addressed the assembly in community concerns.

“A lot of people in my community — the African-American community — were very offended by this video,” Taylor said, adding that the video was “ignorant” and “insensitive.”

At the meeting, CSG president Manish Parikh said he hadn’t seen the video, but it said it’s important that if students are doing anything that may be insensitive toward other students, it should always be brought to the attention of the campus, not just during an election.

“Whenever such content anywhere on campus happens for any community, I think all of us should be vigilant about this throughout the year,” he said, adding that he believes Business junior Michael Proppe and LSA sophomore Bobby Dishell — youMICH’s presidential ticket — are “very fine individuals.”

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