A handful of students returning to campus this week found their rooms flooded and dorm buildings in need of repair.

East Quadrangle Residence Hall, which reopened in 2013 after a year of renovation, and Oxford Residence Hall reported pipe damage on Monday morning and Tuesday morning, respectively. Though record low temperatures from the recent snowstorm caused the breakage in Oxford, the cause of East Quad’s leak remains unknown.

University Housing spokesman Peter Logan said there were 17 rooms affected by water infiltration in East Quad, impacting 31 students. University maintenance workers are continuing to dry and clean rooms by extracting all water and setting up fans and dehumidifiers in the affected rooms, Logan said. He added that students’ personal items that were soaked by water from the broken pipe have been sent for cleaning.

The University will be providing alternate rooms during the cleaning process. Logan said students should contact University Housing if they need assistance finding temporary lodging or to report items damaged by the leak.

Logan said he believes most rooms will be dried out by Friday and students will be allowed to return by Monday at the latest.

“We will continue to keep in touch with them when we know when their rooms are habitable,” he said.

LSA freshman Ava Tavrazich was displaced from her room Tuesday due to the leak in East Quad after she received a call telling her she could not move back into her room until Friday. University Housing arranged a temporary room for her in West Quad Residence Hall, where she said they would drive her after gathering her belongings.

Although she is staying on Central Campus Tuesday night, Tavrazich must stay on North Campus Wednesday while her room is cleaned. She said the situation was a “bit of a pain,” and hopes her belongings are intact.

“I realize they couldn’t really control the problem because of the weather, but it’s just really inconvenient,” she said. “My mom has to come and drop off my things and I have to find another place to stay.”

Logan said the East Quad damage is more severe than in Oxford. Radiator pipes in two houses of Oxford leaked, affecting six rooms and few dozen students. Oxford rearranged students within the dormitory so that students could “stay within their community.” Logan predicted that recovery will only take a few days as maintenance and repairs is already underway.

Logan said that although these accidents are unfortunate, there is very little the University is able to do other than try and evaluate whether other pipes are exposed to prevent similar incidents in the future.

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