The Department of Public Safety received a call at 7:45 a.m. yesterday regarding an incident occurring at West Quad Residence Hall. DPS officers, Huron Valley Ambulance and the Ann Arbor Fire Department all responded to the call.

DPS Sgt. Stacy Richmond said that, upon arriving at the scene, officers discovered that a University student broke his leg outside the building. Richmond said the events leading up to the broken leg are still being investigated.

The student was staying at University Hospital yesterday and was in stable condition by yesterday afternoon, he added.

Students hit heads playing basketball

Two students playing basketball at the Intramural Sports Building collided heads Wednesday night. DPS reports state that one basketball player was transported to and treated at the University Hospital emergency room.

Students caught in Couzens smoking large amount of pot

Two female University students were caught smoking marijuana in Couzens Residence Hall Wednesday night. The students were found in one of the girl’s residence hall rooms after a housing officer smelled marijuana in the hallway. According to DPS reports, a pipe and large amounts of marijuana were seized. Both students were released, pending authorization.

Female trespasser refuses to leave campus building

A female subject refused to leave the Campus Safety Services Building Thursday afternoon, according to DPS reports. DPS cited the woman for trespassing and escorted her from the building.

No suspects found in theft of wallet from ‘U’ employee

A female staff worker at the Institute of Science and Technology reported money from her wallet was stolen from the building Thursday afternoon. DPS reports state the wallet contained $50 cash. DPS has no suspects at this time.

Man collapses in front of Subway in Michigan Union

DPS reports state a male subject fainted at the Michigan Union Subway restaurant Thursday night. The subject was unconscious but breathing. DPS transported the subject to the University Hospital emergency room.

Caller confesses to hitting garage door with automobile

A caller reported he had broken a garage door at the Equipment Maintenance Shop on Fuller Road by backing into the door with a University vehicle. According to DPS reports, no damage was done to the vehicle.

Dark blue Saturn stolen from Glazier Way parking lot

A car was stolen from a parking deck on Glazier Way sometime between Friday morning and Saturday afternoon, according to DPS reports.

The caller reported he had left his 1994 dark blue Saturn in the parking deck and that, when he returned Saturday, the car was missing. DPS checked the area and filed a report, but the car has not yet been located.

Thief nabs bag from porch of Northwood home

A caller reported his backpack was stolen from the front porch of his residence at Northwood IV Saturday night. DPS reports state the backpack had been left unattended outside on the porch. DPS has no suspects at this time.

Student caught with alcohol, needs medical treatment

A subject was cited for a minor in possession of alcohol in Mary Markley Residence Hall late Saturday night. DPS reports state the subject was taken to the University Hospital for alcohol-related issues.

– Compiled by Daily Staff Reporter Elizabeth Anderson.

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