Ann Arbor is known for small business successes. Over the years,
changes within the city’s infrastructure have greatly changed
the city. Regardless of the changes Ann Arbor undergoes though,
residents can always depend on the perfection of Stucchi’s
tasty ice cream delights.

Open since 1986, Stucchi’s on State Street provides a
cheery atmosphere for its ice cream consumers. Stucchi’s fame
has led to expansions all over the city and even to Hong Kong, as
boastfully stated on a poster in the South University Avenue

It is no longer just a traditional ice cream parlor;
Stucchi’s offers frozen yogurt, sorbet, sundaes and brownie
sundaes in addition to the array of shakes, malts and floats.
Customers can choose from a variety of ice cream and frozen yogurt
flavors, including unusual concoctions such as Chocolate Cheesecake
and Texas Tea, although “White Russian Fudge is our most
popular ice cream,” said owner and manager Kevin Phelps.

While the prices may seem a bit steep — $2.50 for a single
scoop in a cup — it’s worth it. Even the junior scoop
is mammoth in comparison to other local ice cream vendors. Plus,
its taste is virtually perfect; each hard-packed barrel of ice
cream or lower-fat frozen yogurt is smooth and creamy with
specialty flavors packed with chunky morsels such as Oreos or

As if every day were not a special day at Stucchi’s,
birthdays are even better. The birthday honoree receives a free
junior scoop with proof of his birth date (any identification will
suffice). There is no grace period here, though; the scoop is only
valid on the actual birthday.

If life starts throwing curve balls, there is salvation. Head to
Stucchi’s, where the hardest decisions to make are Mint
Chocolate Chip or Hazelnut Espresso.

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