After a major-label bidding war followed by an equal flattering media buzz, indie rockers The Strokes have delayed their much-hyped debut album Is This It on account of last week”s tragedies.

Paul Wong
Strokes UK cover, the Brits have it best.<br><br>Courtesy of RC

Is This It was originally scheduled to include a track called “New York City Cops,” a potentially controversial track that questioned the intelligence of the NYPD. The band has added a song to replace the track. “When It Started” was recorded by the band last week and will replace the more controversial song.

Slated to hit shelves September 25th the record will now land in stores on October 9th.

The Strokes have drawn comparisons to various proto-punk mainstays, and singer Julian Casablanca”s vocals bear an eerie sonic resemblance to those of Velvet Underground frontman Lou Reed.

The band will not be changing the international releases of Is This It the album landed on British soil August 27th proceeding to debut at number two on the British charts.

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