A torrent of thefts struck Ann Arbor Monday night. Six break-ins and two attempted break-ins were reported to police.

Nine home invasions occurred over the last three days. The large number of burglaries this week is comparable to the outbreak over winter break, when 15 were reported.

Police are investigating possible connections among the string of crimes.

The crimes occurred on Brook, West Liberty, West Huron, North Maple, Signature Boulevard and Packard Road, while unsuccessful attempts were made on Varsity Drive and Hill Street, police reported.

Police have made two arrests in connection with the Hill attempt, according to Sgt. Brad Hill of the Ann Arbor Police Department.

A student called the police at about 2 a.m. when two men attempted to climb into her window and woke her. When she started screaming, the men fled. Police noticed footprints below her window and tracked them to a house on Green Street.

The officers interviewed two men at the house on Green Street. The men admitted to the crime.

AAPD Lt. Mark Hoornstra said the men were acquaintances of the resident. The resident was not home. The men had not expected anyone to be home when they broke into the house, Hoornstra said.

The incidents are part of a long-term increase of burglaries in Ann Arbor. Police have reported a 13.5-percent increase in burglaries since 2004.

Since then, police have launched a campaign encouraging people to lock their doors.

“A majority of the time what we find is either someone knows what they’re going in there for or they see it from the outside,” Hoornstra said. “Very rarely do you have people break into a place not having any idea what’s in there.”

Hill reminded students to lock their doors before bed as well as before leaving the house.

LSA junior Allen Weiss, who lives on Hill Street near one of the recent robberies, said he always locks his doors when leaving his house.

“It’s uncomforting knowing people get robbed around here,” Weiss said.

He added that he doesn’t feel safer knowing the burglars were caught.

“There’s always another one,” Weiss said.

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