It”s hectic enough with exams coming up in a week, not to mention projects, papers and presentations, but now we have to deal with buying presents?

Most students consider the holidays to be stressful and understand how commercial they have become. After a semester, you want to relax flipping through the channels, not watch countless ways to spend your supposedly budgeted money during the holiday season.

Some students expressed their opinions by celebrating “Buy Nothing Day,” the day after Thanksgiving. The event is sponsored by the magazine Adbusters and campaign for less commercialization and spending. With storefronts and catalogs showing off a winter holiday theme beginning in the middle of fall, and advertisements trying to inspire great gift ideas, the season can turn very consumer oriented.

Zachary Takenaga, a School of Art and Architecture freshman, agrees.

“Oh yeah, it is all about buying during the holiday season. It”s very commercial, it”s just part of it.” Zachary says.

Among all the buying, leading to the scarcity of parking spaces, the panic of people within the malls and standing in line to reach the cash register, there is enough reason to bite your fist. It is tought to handle all this franticness while you try to guesstimate what color and size the sweater for your brother should be.

And don”t even try to walk in and out of a toystore. With every toy now battery operated, which they never include, the boxes are getting bigger and heavier.

Kevin Miller, an LSA sophomore, who recently started working at Toys “R” Us, can definitely notice the holiday mood in the store. “Some people are really rushed here, some aren”t, and some are in the store for like 50 hours “cause they just can”t decide.” He describes.

People stress over getting the right present for everyone. Let”s just say there is an audience for Good Housekeeping”s “25 Ways to Take the Stress Out of Your Holiday Season” annual articles.

Some people take the advice and decide to shop online rather than go shop in busy stores. (What”s better than shopping in our underwear?) Some people decide to give their time as a gift, and spend more time with their families.

Somehow the year-after-year stress of the holiday season never seems to fade away. We still let businesses use and manipulate the holiday seasons to reap revenues.

But maybe it”s because most people realize that the malls are worth entering if it means you”ll walk out with the perfect present for someone close to you. People like to give presents and people like to receive them, too. It”s a human trait.

“My family is Buddhists but we still celebrate Christmas. Not just “cause we want presents but because, I mean, who doesn”t like the idea of presents under a tree?” asks Cuong Nguy, a School of Art and Architecture freshman.

And while mass advertisements distorting the meaning of the holidays into a shopping spree is annoying, doesn”t our nation”s economy kind of need it?

Maybe the panic, the stress, including the late-night wrapping sessions just make that one day that much better. That one day when you can actually hand someone that present you had to fight for. and finally unwrap that box you have been shaking.

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